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Final Evaluation Template


Last Revised 07/18/2018

About Final Evaluations

A Final Evaluation is an end-of-the-year review of the trainee's performance during their training. Milestone Evaluations and the Semi-annual evaluation helps inform the Final Evaluation.

Administered: at the end of the trainee's training

  • Program Directors need to do the following to stay in compliance:
    • For current outoing trainees, prior to the completion of the program - Complete a Final Evaluation and store in MedHub.
    • For transfer-out trainees - Program provides training verification.
    • For transfer-in/incoming trainees - Programs collect  Final Evaluations and store in MedHub.


ACGME Requirements

Current Outgoing Trainees

This refers to your outgoing residents/fellows.

V.A.3. Final Evaluation

  • V.A.3.a) The specialty-specific Milestones must be used as one of the tools to ensure residents are able to practice core professional activities without supervision upon completion of the program. (Core)
  • V.A.3.b) The program director must provide a final evaluation for each resident upon completion of the program. (Core)This evaluation must:
    • V.A.3.b).(1) become part of the resident’s permanent record maintained by the institution, and must be accessible for review by the resident in accordance with institutional policy; (Detail)
    • V.A.3.b).(2) document the resident’s performance during the final period of education; and, (Detail)
    • V.A.3.b).(3) verify that the resident has demonstrated sufficient competence to enter practice without direct supervision. (Detail)

ACGME Citations for Poor Compliance

Failure to comply results in a citation in poor compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we combined CCC and the Final Evaluation?

A: Yes and no. The meetings can be one, but ACGME requests  both the last 6-month Milestone Report AND a Final Evaluation.


Q: If my program is a 1-year program, can the final evaluation replace the 6-month milestone report?

A: No. Both Milestone Report and a Final Evaluation are needed.