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Last Revised 07/19/2018


ACGME Program selected for an ACGME Site Visit must work closely with the GME Office, particularly the GME Program Manager and DIO to ensure a successful site visit.


Your completed PIF must be in the site visitor's hands at least 2 weeks prior to your site visit, therefore:

  1. Submit your completed PIF (common and specialty-specific) to the Department of GME at least 6 weeks prior to your site visit by e-mail to Ann Dohn. She will review the PIF and return a red-lined copy to you within 1 week.
    • Do not include any attachments unless specifically directed to do so in the PIF instructions.
    • Do not under any circumstances send the PIF to the site visitor without first obtaining an approval and signature from Ann Dohn (page 1 of the PIF requires the signature of the DIO).
  2. Revise the PIF per the provided feedback and re-submit a single printed copy to the Department of GME for final approval and signature at least 4 weeks prior to your site visit.
  3. Upload the finalized PIF to MedHub under the Program Accreditation - Site Visits tab.
  4. Prepare additional supporting documents for the site visit.
  5. Prepare residents and faculty for the site visit.