Coordinators' Orientation

Upcoming Orientation(s)

The next PD orientation will be in April/May 2020. New PDs & APDs are strongly encouraged to attend, as well as current PDs & APDs. 

If you have any questions, please contact us under the general inquiries tab.

Last Revised 11/15/2019

Welcome Packet

To ensure new program coordinators have the appropriate resoruces to begin their role, GME have created an onboarding process to provide an overview of the fundamental knowledge and skills. All program coordinators must complete the following onboarding items

Program Coordinator Orientation

Date Meeting Title Video Recording
11/11/2019 at 9am-11am Program Coordinator Orientation #1 Zoom Video (287MB)
11/13/2019 at 9am-10am Program Coordinator Orientation #2 Zoom Video (299 MB)

How to Find GME

Directions to GME starts at 1:12