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Comprised of 60 neurosurgeons and research faculty, and performing over 4000 neurosurgical operations covering the full spectrum of neurological conditions every year, we are consistently ranked among the best centers in the nation for neurosurgery. We are fortunate to have excellent facilities and the most technologically advanced equipment in the world to help us treat neurological diseases for both adult and pediatric patients. In addition, our hospitals offer the only Level 1 Trauma Center between San Francisco and San Jose, and our Stroke Center was the first in the nation to be certified as a comprehensive Stroke Center by The Joint Commission. These certifications recognize our hospitals as having state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, staffing and training to diagnose and treat patients with the most severe and complex cases. Together, we are driving forward the most innovative technologies in neurosurgery – from cutting-edge neuroscience research and clinical trials to the widespread clinical implementation of our discoveries.

Featured Video

Stanford neurosurgeons, nurses, and medical students travel to Kampala, Uganda, to work and train with Mulago Hospital's neurosurgery team. In this featured video, pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Gerald Grant, gives us a glimpse of the operating room, where surgeons are removing a spinal tumor. 

Stanford Neurosurgery News

Concussion Researchers Study Head Motion in High School Football Players

In a study launched last month, a research team led by concussion experts David Camarillo, PhD, and Gerald Grant, MD, is outfitting Bay Area high school football players with mouthguards that measure the motion of the head during impacts sustained in practices and games.

Stanford Neurosurgeon Named to Ebony Magazine's Power 100 List

Stanford Professor of Neurosurgery, Dr. Odette Harris, was named to Ebony Magazine's 2018 Ebony Power 100 list. The list honors "those who have over the past year created, led and defied barriers in their representations of Black Excellence."

Surgery in Space: Medicine's Final Frontier

Sandip S. Panesar, MD, MSc, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neurosurgery, explores the unique alterations to human physiology and accompanying medical care needs that will likely be associated with future space travel. 

New Institute Series Highlights Experiences of Faculty Researchers

A new Stanford Neuroscience Institute Series, #BrainsBehindTheInstitute, highlights the stories and experiences that inspire faculty researchers, including Department of Neurosurgery's Dr. Melanie Hayden Gephart, and Dr. Marion Buckwalter.

Featured Events

Oct October 26 Fri 2018

20th Annual Thomas J. Fogarty Lecture: Focus on Innovation

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Clark Center Auditorium, Stanford, CA

This event features John R. Adler, Jr., MD, world-renowned inventor of the CyberKnife and the related field of image-guided therapeutic radiation.  This event is sponsored by the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign and the Fogarty Institute for Innovation.  

Women Of Stanford Neurosurgery

Meet our women physicians and scientists and read about their experiences as females in science and medicine, in this unique Q&A series.

Stanford Neuroscience

Stanford Health Care provides comprehensive care and treatment for neurological conditions.