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Last Revised 07/18/2018

ACGME Requirements

This section of the GME site reviews the ACGME Common Program Requirements (CPR) related to evaluations and surveys, and provides resources to assist in meeting those requirements. 

ACGME Common Program Requirements are the foundation of your Program's ACGME Subspecialty Requirements

Please review your Program's subspecialty ACGME Requirements for additional requirements from your ACGME Review Committee (RC).

Evaluations & Surveys

Source Category Type Administer Frequency
External Program Quality ACGME Survey by Residents/Fellows ACGME Once per year
ACGME Survey by Faculty ACGME Once per year
Trainee Performance Receives Milestone Data from Program Program Twice per year
Receives Case/Procedure Data from Program Program Ongoing
Internal Program Quality Program Evaluation by Residents/Fellows GME Office Once per year (FEB or MAY)
Program Evaluation by Faculty GME Office Once per year (FEB or MAY)
GME Housestaff Survey GME Office Once per year (NOV - DEC)
Trainee Performance Milestone Evaluations Program Ongoing
Clinical Competency Committee Program Twice a year
Summative Evaluation Program/PD At the end of training