GME Program Managers/Education Specialists

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My program is not listed here.

We try our best to monitor all medical training programs at Stanford. If your program is not listed here, please submit the following information in our general inquiries contact form:

  • Program Name
  • Program Director Name
  • Program Director E-mail
  • Program Coordinator Name
  • Program Coordinator E-mail

Step 1: Who is my program's GME Program Manager?

Click on the link below to find your program's GME Program Manager. If your program is not listed, please contact us.

Farishta (Farah) Yawary, MBA, PMP

Operations Manager

Step 2: How do I contact my program's GME Program Manager?

Please see below for our GME Program Manager/Education Specialists' contact information.

Jie Li, PhD

Senior Program Manager/Education Specialist

650-723-6558 (office)

Thang "Trey" Huynh-Ngo, MBA

Program Manager/Education Specialist

650-498-2418 (office)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Babalola, PhD

Program Manager/Education Specialist