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Stanford Health Care - Workforce Health & Wellness

  • Applicable for: SHC Paid Housestaff
  • Phone: (650) 723-5922
  • Location: 300P Ground Floor
    Room H0124
  • Hours
    Mon -Fri: 7AM-4:30PM 
  • Visit the website

Redwood City Outpatient Center

  • Applicable for: SHC Paid Housestaff
  • Location: 450 Broadway Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    Pavilion C 2nd floor
  • Hours
    Mon-Thurs: 8AM-3:30PM
    *Closed Fridays
    *Closed 12:30pm-1pm daily
  • Visit the website

Stanford University - EH&S: Occupational Health Services

  • Applicable for: OPA Paid Housestaff
  • Phone: (650) 723-5922
  • Location: Environmental Safety Facility (ESF), 480 Oak Road, Room B15, Stanford, CA 94305-8007
  • Hours: Monday - Friday at 8:00AM - 4:00PM
  • Visit the website

Workforce Health and Wellness

aka Occupational Health

If a resident is injured, including needlesticks or exposure to bodily fluid:

When an employee is injured on the job, the Employee must complete the New Employee Injury/Illness form and visit Workforce Health and Wellness to be evaluated. The forms need to be completed and filed regardless of the site where the incident occurred. The Supervisor should meet with the Employee and complete the Supervisor Report of Employee Injury and identify ways to prevent a future occurrence. The Supervisor Report should be filled out no later than 48 hours after the injured employee has been seen by Workforce Health & Wellness. Please note that needlesticks or any exposure to bodily fluids or blood must be reported.

Tuberculosis Screening and Work Clearance

Where do I get my required TB Test? It depends on your employer.

If you are paid by Stanford Health Care, go to Stanford Health Care Workforce Health and Wellness Center or Redwood City Outpatient Center.

If you are paid by Stanford University:, go to EH&S Occupational Health Services Center

You may complete the fillable TB Questionnaire before your visit to save time:

Injury at SHC/LPCH Reporting Protocol

 Anyone needing to be seen for a workplace injury or illness, should report to our WHW Clinic at 300 Pasteur Drive, Ground Floor, H0124.  Please visit our website for additional information

Injury at Kaiser, PAVA, SCVMC Reporting Protocol

See GME Policies and Procedure document for instructions on how to report a blood borne pathogen (BBP) exposure at off-site rotations (Kaiser, PAVA, SCVMC). See heading "Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Exposures at Off-Site Rotation Instructions "