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The Self-Study is a longitudinal program review required by ACGME. Programs analyze performance data from the past 5 years and formulate a 5-year plan. GME is the main point of contact for self-study preparation, review, and assistnace.

ACGME Requirement V.C.2.

ACGME's Self Study Page

ACGME's 10-year accreditation site visit Page

Self-Study Guide & Slidedeck

GME created the Self-Study guide to help program prepare and understand the necessary steps in completing the Self-Study process. GME also created the slide deck for Self-Study and 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit for programs to reference. In addition to the guide and slide deck, programs must reach out to their GME program manager to coordinate and finalize their Self-Study Summary document. 

The Big Picture

After your Self-Study, your program will receive a 10-year Accreditation Site Visit. The key events below will help your program conduct the Self-Study and 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit.

Part 1. Self-Study

Action items for Self-Study:


  • Self-Study Data Checklist (from Self-Study Guide)
  • Gather APE documentations from past 5 years
  • Form a Self-Study group
  • Conduct Self-Study meeting
  • Draft the Self-Study summary
  • Send your Self-Study summary draft to GME 30 days before deadline 
  • Submit your Self-Study summary to ACGME


Part 2. 10-Year Accreditation Site Visit

Action items for 10-year Accreditation Site Visit:


  • Coordinate with your core program director/specialty program director
    • Ensure your program’s goals align and complements SHC’s mission statement
  • Update data in ADS
  • Begin assembling your Self-Study Binder
  • Send your Summary of Achievements draft to GME 30 days before site visit
  • Submit your Summary of Achievements to ACGME before deadline
  • Confirm logistics for 10-year accreditation site visit
  • Reach out to GME program managers for any questions