Report non-compliance

Residents can report non-compliance with residency work hours to the Department of Graduate Medical Education or ACGME.

Contact Ann Dohn, GME Director, at 723-5948 if you have any questions about duty hours or outside commitments.


External Moonlighting

  • Residents are not required to engage in “moonlighting.”
  • All Residents engaged in external moonlighting must be licensed for unsupervised medical practice in California or the state in which the moonlighting occurs.
  • Stanford’s malpractice insurance will not cover Residents for moonlighting activities.
  • Residents must obtain written acknowledgement that their Program Director is aware and approves of any moonlighting activities before any moonlighting activity is undertaken.
  • A copy of the written acknowledgement will be kept in the Resident’s file.
  • The Program Director has the discretion to decline to approve moonlighting activities if he/she believes that such activities will interfere with the Resident’ s training progress or for other legitimate reasons.
  • All external moonlighting must be logged into MedHub as work hours.

Internal Moonlighting

Internal moonlighting Residents are not expected to respond to pages/telephone calls from patients who are seen/operated on at outside hospitals where they do not rotate.
Limited to on-call coverage at this time.

  • Moonlighting is not permitted for: 
    • trainees under a J-1 visa 
    • active military trainees.
    • PGY-1 residents

Follow this process to request moonlighting duty hour entry in Medhub:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select “Moonlighting Request Forms” on the left of the home page
    1. Pending requests are listed
  3. Select “Submit New Moonlighting Request”
  4. The following parameters are approved for all house staff
    1. Location: SHC
    2. Description: any additional details you can add to justify request
    3. Type: Internal
    4. Start date: today (date of submission)
    5. End date: End of your training period in 2023 for example 5/31/23
    6. Max weekly hours: 20
    7. Files: none required
  5. Select “Submit”
    1. Trainee can now see pending request in list
  6. Program director will get notification of request – approval or revision requested
    1. PDs see this tutorial on approval in Medhub
    2. Trainee can revise and resubmit in pending list
  7. GME office will approve
  8. Be sure to select “Moonlighting” dropdown option when entering these duty hours.