Moonlighting: Internal & External

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Last Revised 04/04/2018

External Moonlighting

  • Residents are not required to engage in “moonlighting.”
  • All Residents engaged in external moonlighting must be licensed for unsupervised medical practice in California or the state in which the moonlighting occurs.
  • Stanford’s malpractice insurance will not cover Residents for moonlighting activities.
  • Residents must obtain written acknowledgement that their Program Director is aware and approves of any moonlighting activities before any moonlighting activity is undertaken.
  • A copy of the written acknowledgement will be kept in the Resident’s file.
  • The Program Director has the discretion to decline to approve moonlighting activities if he/she believes that such activities will interfere with the Resident’ s training progress or for other legitimate reasons.
  • All external moonlighting must be logged into MedHub as work hours.

Internal Moonlighting

Stanford Health Care/Stanford Children’s Health does not allow internal moonlighting by an ACGME trainee. Residents are not expected to respond to pages/telephone calls from patients who are seen/operated on at outside hospitals where they do not rotate.

  • Moonlighting is not permitted under a J-1 visa.
  • PGY-1 residents are not permitted to moonlight.