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Mitra Haddad, BA


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House staff Loans

The GME office processes house staff loan deferments and provide loan verification letters. Pls. allow 2 weeks for processing.

House staff responsibilities:

  1. Obtain the lender’s form from the lender’s website.
  2. Complete the employee’s portion of the form, sign & date it.
  3.  Send the form to Mitra Haddad in a secure email with special instructions if appropriate.

GME responsibilities:

  1. Mitra will complete the employer’s portion of the form, obtain the necessary signature.
  2. Fax and/or mail/process the form with a copy placed in the house staff’s MedHub account under Review Records tab.
  3. Pls. provide any special requests and include the mail or fax # of the lender in your email.

If you need a loan verification letter, kindly let Mitra know the lender’s contact and specific information and requirements. Thank you!