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House staff Loans

Stanford Health Care (SHC) is tax-exempt employer under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and as such the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office can complete the employer’s portion of the GME House Staff Loan Forgiveness/Deferment forms.

Pls. allow 10-20 working days for processing.

House staff responsibilities:

1.       Obtain the lender’s form from the lender or the lenders’ website.

2.       Complete the employee’s portion of the form, sign & date it.

3.       Send the form to Mitra Haddad in a secure email with any special instructions.

GME is delighted to commence processing Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) forms electronically using DocuSign submissions. The approver is Ann Dohn. Please direct requests to Mitra Haddad, for processing.

House Staff is responsible for all communications with their lenders.

GME responsibilities:

1.       Mitra will complete the employer’s portion of the form.

2.       Obtain the necessary signature and/or SHC seal.

3.       Return the completed document/form to the House Staff for processing.

Loan Verification Letter

If the House Staff requires a loan verification letter, let Mitra know the lender’s requirements and their full contact information. The letter will be completed and sent to the lender with a copy to the house staff.