Incoming & Rehired Residents/Fellows

Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, the Graduate Medical Education Office will NOT be having an In-Person Orientation this year. Completing your MedHub On-Boarding packet will be your only required GME Orientation task.

A Rehired Resident/Fellow who has left Stanford 6 months or more is considered an Incoming Resident/Fellow. Please complete all Incoming Residents/Fellows requirements.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ISSUANCE: Once J-1 physicians arrive in the United States, they must obtain a social security number in order to begin their training. Obtaining a social security number typically requires an in-person interview at a Social Security Administration (SSA) field office, which are temporarily closed due to COVID-19. ECFMG|FAIMER reached out to the U.S. Department of State (DOS) with concern about the challenge this situation posed for J-1 physicians. Earlier this week, DOS confirmed that SSA field offices continue to accommodate “dire need” in-person appointments as necessary. DOS expressed confidence that J-1 physicians can use the dire need provision “most successfully.” ECFMG|FAIMER advises that J-1 physicians pursue this option and apply for SSA appointments through dire need.

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Encrypt your smartphone, laptop and desktop!

From the Stanford IRT website:


Legally, you are personally and fiscally responsible for any information disclosure from your computer or mobile devices, whether accidental or not. 

Pediatric Residents/Fellows - Please consult with your department prior to encryption.

Last Revised 1/11/2019


Welcome, Incoming Resident/Fellow!

The Department of Graduate Medical Education is delighted to welcome you and your families to Stanford. We are here to assist you with settling into your internship/residency.

Location & Hours

We are located on the fourth floor of 300 Pasteur Drive in room HC435. Use Stairway N, located near the Market Cafe. Please feel free to stop by. Our hours are Monday - Friday 7:45am to 4:30pm or by appointment.


Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, the Graduate Medical Education Office will NOT be having an In-Person Orientation this year. Completing your MedHub On-Boarding packet will be your only required GME Orientation task.

I hope to get to know each of you personally in the coming year. Best wishes on the start of your training at Stanford Health Care.

Ann M. Dohn, MA
Executive Director, Graduate Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

List of Required Training Modules


  • Length: ~7.5 hours
  • Your username and password are the same: md-0(dictation #).
  • Most modules are self-paced and include pre/post assessments, therefore time commitment will vary by individual.
  • A list of the required modules including estimated length for each can be downloaded below.
  • If you are having a technical difficulty or problems with your HealthStream training modules, please email the appropriate HealthStream office for immediate attention:
  • Stanford Health Care HealthStream:
  • Stanford Children's Health HealthStream:


  • Length: ~2.6 hours depending on specialty
  • Epic is the clinical information system used throughout Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Hospital.
  • Epic training is required for all incoming (new) House Staff entering a specialty program. 
  • You will receive a notification via e-mail once your specific Epic training has been assigned (approx. June 1).
  •  Your Epic training will be assigned to your "My Learning" page in Healthstream. If you have any questions, please contact


  • Length: ~15 min
  • MedHub is a web-based Residency Management System designed to track and document a variety of critical program and resident activities relating to institutional reimbursement and program accreditation.
  • Please open and review the powerpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Contract

Q: How do I know when/if my contract packet is complete?
The GME office will contact you via email if we haven't received your contract packet by the deadline.

Epic Training

Q: Do I need to do Epic Online Training if I'm scheduled for Epic training through my department?

Duty Hours on MedHub

Q: My department has informed me that I will need to submit my duty hours into MedHub, when will I receive my login information? 
You will receive an email from MedHub support that contains a link to the site, your username and a temporary password after you've completed orientation.

Meal Money

Q: How much money do we receive for meals? 
$10 for hours logged over 12 per each day worked in-house SHC clinical shifts. Please make sure to log your hours on MedHub.

Moving Allowance

Q: When will I receive the $3,000 moving allowance?
It will be added to a paycheck in August, NO RECEIPTS ARE NEEDED.


Q: Why does my paycheck not match my contract? 
You are paid 26 times per year rather than once a month (annual salary divided by 26 not 24).

Q: When will I receive my first paycheck?
 Interns starting on June 25th will receive their first paycheck on July 3rd.   New hires starting on July 1st & 7th will receive their first paycheck on July 17th.  We highly recommend setting up direct deposit as most departments are working remotely.

Reimbursements: CA MD License or DEA Certificate

Q: When can I submit my reimbursement for my CA Medical License or my DEA certificate?
You can bring a photocopy to Orientation or to the GME office after your start date. Forms can be found here.

Stanford E-mail Address (SUNet ID)

Q: How do I get my SUNet ID (Stanford Email Address) sponsored and when will it be active?
Follow the instructions for applying and checking the status for a Stanford email account from the Stanford Email Account page on the Stanford E-mail Account page.

Stanford University Courtesy Card

Q: What does a University Courtesy Card give me access to and how do I apply for one?
 University facilities are currently closed and receiving your University Courtesy Card will be delayed until they re-open.

When the office reopens: Access to University facilities is authorized by obtaining a University Courtesy Card at the Stanford Card office located at: 275 Panama Street, Forsythe Hall, Room 135, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. They may also be contacted by phone at: (650)498-2273.

Stanford University Library

How do I gain access to the Stanford University Library?
Go to the Privileges Desk in Green Library (557 Escondido Mall) in order to be entered into their system. You will become eligible for both physical and online access. Privileges Desk hours are Mon-Thu 8AM-12:55AM and Friday 8AM-5:55PM. Please bring your hospital photo ID badge.