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Postdoctoral Appointments

  1. Postdoctoral EPIC access requests are done annually.
  2. 60 days in advance of the appointment start date, the program is to send an email to Mitra Haddad with the following information so appropriate HealthStream/EPIC training modules can be assigned:
    1. Legal name (1st & last names)
    2. Program name
    3. Appointment start & end dates
    4. Postdoc email address
    5. National Provider Identifier (NPI) #
    6. Specify whether new to Stanford or a continuing appointment. If new, call Mitra Haddad with the Postdoc’s SSN
  3. At least 30 days prior to the Stanford program start date, the program is to send completed Postdoc Checklist documentations along with the required materials listed sequentially in one pdf file via a “secure” email to Mitra Haddad
  4. Mitra will use the programs’ list to allocate the appropriate dictation # if necessary & request assignment of the required HealthStream/EPIC assignments.
    Mitra will also print the completed HealthStream/EPIC clearance transcript & add to the packet.
    There are 9 HealthStream modules that must be completed 10 days prior to the Postdocs appointment start date. e.g. if postdoc is starting on July 1, the assignments must be completed by June 21.

Occupational Health Clearance with Stanford University

  • Clearance letter must be from Stanford University Occupational Health (not SHC) verifying Medical Clearance and that postdoc can work with patients without restrictions.
  • At least 60-30 days in advance of Postdoc appt. start date and providing the appt. details have been added/updated in the University system, the Postdoc & Program are to take the following steps with the OHS to obtain a health clearance letter:


Stanford University Occupational
484 Oak Road, 2nd floor, Room 200, Stanford, CA 94305-8007
(650) 725-5308,, website:
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8-4 PM


Postdoc to Do Program to Do
  1. Visit The Stanford Employee Health Patient Portal website at to complete the necessary forms using your SUNet ID.
  2. Postdoc is to call (650) 725-5308 to set up an in-person appointment to complete the necessary tests. Pls. remember to have copies of your current immunization and vaccination records on hand so that you are not made to duplicate your tests.
    The earlier the appointment is made the better as SU OCC office become extremely busy during summer.
  1. Program to email Postdoc’s full name, DOB & PTA # to the University Occupational Health Center at for the appropriate charges.


  • Postdoctoral Scholars must complete this portion of their requirement via Stanford University OHS office and not the Stanford Health Care and in a timely fashion
  • Postdoctoral Scholars need to share a copy of their health clearance letter with their program to be included in the EPIC application packet as GME does NOT receive the letter.