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  • Away Elective Rotations
  • Certificates/Diplomas
  • Clinical Postdoctoral Appointments
  • Continuing house staff
  • Continuing house staff HealthStream & Occupational Health compliance
  • Graduating house staff
  • House staff Loan Deferments/Forbearances
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Postdoctoral Appointments

  1. Postdoctoral appointments are annual.
  2. 60 days in advance of the appointment start date, send an email to Mitra Haddad so appropriate HealthStream modules can be assigned along with the following information: 
    1. Legal name (1st & last names)
    2. Program name
    3. Appointment start & end dates
    4. Postdoc email address
    5. National Provider Identifier (NPI) #
    6. Specify whether new to Stanford or a continuing appointment. If new, call Mitra Haddad with the Postdoc’s SSN
  3. Prior to 6-1-22 send completed Postdoc Checklist form along with the required materials listed sequentially in one pdf file via a “secure” email to Mitra Haddad

Completed electronic application submission to Mitra Haddad - 30 days prior to appointment start date

Occupational Health Clearance with Stanford University

30 days in advance of Postdoc appt. start date:

  1. Postdoc is:
    1. to email their immunization records to
      Please include your name, upcoming clinical Postdoc position, email and phone # and request, access to the University OHS systems and to set up an appt. The OHS staff will contact you to confirm your access and find a suitable time for your appt. Pls. be prepared to give them your:
      1. First & last name
      2. DOB
      3. SUNet ID
    2. log into their system at to complete the appropriate paperwork.
  2. Program to email Postdoc’s full name, DOB & PTA # to the University Occupational Health Center at for the appropriate charges.
  3. If the OHS staff have not contacted you, pls. follow up with them at (650) 725-5308
    Stanford University Occupational Health Center
    480 Oak Road, Room B15
    Stanford, CA 94305-8007
    (650) 725-5308