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Matt O'Neill, M.Ed.

Training Coordinator


To maintain compliance with various hospital, state, and federal policies, all housestaff are required to complete a number of online training modules on an annual basis.

Please log in to HealthStream at

User ID: User ID is md- plus your 6 digit ID/Dictation number (add leading zeroes if your number is not 6 digits). For dictation number 123, the User ID and Password would be md-000123

Password: defaults to same as ID , reset as needed using "Reset" at login page, which sends a link to your registered email. Check your Spam folder.  

Then you may reset your password as needed. Use "Manage Password" under the arrow menu to the top right.

Contact if you have issues logging in or seeing assigments in your To-Do list. 

Educational bonus of $2000 is paid in November. To qualify, all required HealthStream and EPIC/LINKS modules must be completed by the assigned deadline, indicated on the assignment To-Do list in Healthstream. See Stipends page for details.