Milestone 2.0 Update

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Milestone 2.0 Update

ACGME is rolling out new milestones for all specialties and to help program make the transition on MedHub, GME have created several resources. These resources include, a guide book, workshop records, and a video guide. 

Programs should also schedule individual meetings with GME program managers to ensure their MedHub milestone update was successful. 


Preparation Stage

  • Download and review new milestone for your program from ACGME (including supplemental materials). Visit for more details.
  • Form an Evaluation Redesign Committee to compare & contrast old to new milestones.
  • Redesign Committee – maps new milestones (e.g. by rotation, by PGY, and how each milestone is evaluated).
  • Redesign Committee – Review and update goals and objectives for each rotation (PGY specific) to align with new milestones.
  • Redesign committee – share new milestone with attendings, CCC, trainees, and others within program.

Transition Stage

  • Import new milestone on MedHub.
  • Programs will import new milestones by default. Please reach out to your GME program manager if your program has questions on this process.
  • Update or recreate evaluation forms on MedHub – [PD to choose best option]
    • Option #1 - Update existing evaluation forms by retagging with new milestones. This is recommended if the wordings of your evaluation questions are not the same as the original milestones sub-competencies.
    • Option #2 - Make new evaluation forms and tag milestones. This is recommended if the wordings of old milestones sub-competencies were directly used as your evaluation questions.
  • Disseminate new milestones among faculty and trainees (e.g. milestone changes frequency of feedback, and evaluation methods).

Milestone Update Guide

Stanford GME have created an update guide to help programs update their MedHub milestones. This guide includes a checklist, step by step instructions, workflow, and FAQs.

Milestone Video Guide

GME's Milestone 2.0 Video Guide - Click Here to Watch


GME's Milestone 2.0 Workshop Recording - Click Here to Watch