Annual Program Evaluation (APE), Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) & Self-Study

Jan - Jun

Program conducts APE/PEC

May - Jul

Program uploads documents to MedHub

Jul - Aug

GME Program Manager & DIO reviews documents

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Last Revised 07/18/2018

The Big Picture

The Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) conducts the Annual Program Evaluation (APE).

ACGME conducts a self-studies on all accredited program on a 10 year cycle. The self study looks back 5 years and forward 5 years.

ACGME Requirements

APE Tools

Stanford GME have created Guidebook 2.1 to help programs conduct SWOT analysis and track weaknesses/issues. Furthermore, this guidebook aggregates issues in a 5-year speadsheet for a quick view. 

The Process

Program's Responsibility

  • Schedule and recruits committee members for PEC per ACGME Common Program Requirements (CPR) V.C.1.a):
    • at least 2 program faculty members, and
    • at least 1 resident.
  • Send PEC Policy to PEC.
  • Reviews the educational program under these ACGME CPR V.C.2. categories during the meeting:
    • resident performance,
    • faculty development,
    • graduate performance (including graduates' certification examination), and
    • program quality.
  • Document minutes and action plans (ACGME CPR V.C.3) during the PEC's Annual Program Evaluation (APE) meeting.
  • Approve action plan and minutes by teaching faculty (ACGME CPR V.C.3.a).
  • Uploads all documents to MedHub for GME review.
  • Notifies GME Program Manager that the APE/PEC documents are ready for review.