Sample Contract

Step 1

GME issues the trainee's contract on MedHub for program in February.

Step 2

Program Director signs and approves the contract on MedHub.

Step 3

Trainee signs the contract on MedHub. Contract is completed.

What is included in the contract?

The following information is included in the contract:

  • Resident/Fellow Name (Incoming or Continuing)
  • Date of the Contract Sent to Program, then to Housestaff
  • PGY level for the next academic year
  • Program Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Stipend per month
  • Program Director Signature
  • Designated Institutional Officer Signature
  • Resident/Fellow Signature
  • Resident/Fellow Date of Signature
  • Relevant attachments that must be ready thoroughly by the resident/fellow prior to signing

I'm a(n) incoming/continuing resident/fellow. Why haven't I received my contract yet?

The reason may be any one of the following

  • GME is working on finalizing contracts for all programs
  • Program has received the contract, but the Program Director must sign the contract before the resident/fellow can sign the contract
  • it is not contract season yet (February - March)

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Last Revised 08/08/2018