Oct October - 2019

Applications are now closed, thank you all for applying.  We cannot wait to start the next cohort!

The Stanford School of Medicine (SoM) is launching the fourth year of our staff mentorship program. Whether you work in a lab or an office, or have been a part of the SoM for one year or twenty, you have much to contribute to the success of this pilot program.

Experienced staff members will serve as mentors to staff interested in developing their professional skills and preparing to grow their careers within the School of Medicine. Participation as either a mentor or mentee will provide you with the opportunity to build connections, explore challenges, and better understand your role within your division, department, and the SoM.

To learn more about the program, please review the qualifications and expectations for Mentors and Mentees.

The SoM Staff Mentorship Committee includes:

  • Rachel Cowan, Director of Finance and Administration, Pathology
  • Stephanie Edelman, Director of Finance and Administration, Surgery & Emergency Medicine
  • Lana Henthorn, Clinical Division Manager, Pediatrics
  • Helena McCombie, Director of Administration, Medicine
  • Nancy Lonhart, Associate Director of Finance and Administration, Medicine
  • Sarah Pokorny, Program Manager, Human Resources Group
  • Rosalind Ravasio, Director of Finance and Administration, Stem Cell Institute
  • Randy Soares, Director of Finance and Administration, Genetics & ITI
  • Indy Singh, Director of Finance and Administration, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Karen Vesey, Director of Talent Management Strategies, Human Resources Group
  • Heidi Wu, Assistant Division Manager, Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Olgalydia Winegar, Director of Finance and Operations, Bioengineering


Questions can be directed to som-mentorship@stanford.edu.