Welcome to the Staff Mentorship Program!

Stanford is a large institution. If you are looking to connect with leaders and get objective advice on professional development, decision-making, leadership or other skills, the School of Medicine Staff Mentorship Program is a great place to start.

The staff mentorship program is a unique opportunity for individuals working at Stanford’s School of Medicine (SOM). Whether you work in a lab or an office or have been a part of the SOM for one year or twenty, there is much you can gain and contribute to this program.

For the last six years, our program has offered the ability for staff to connect and network with driven, ambitious, and diverse individuals across the School of Medicine interested in growing their knowledge and expanding their abilities.

Through this program, experienced staff members serve as mentors to staff interested in professional development, networking, learning and enhancing their leadership skills, and navigating career paths within the School of Medicine. Participation as either a mentor or mentee will provide you with the opportunity to build connections and community, support others, and better understand your role within your division, department, and the SoM.

We value diversity in our workforce and want to continue to build on Stanford’s IDEAL principles through our mentoring sphere.

Benefits for Mentees

  • Enhance your professional network
  • Clarify your professional goals
  • Learn how to conduct yourself in an informational interview
  • Listen to constructive feedback for growth and improvement
  • Gain organizational knowledge
  • Connect with fellow mentees via monthly cohort meetings

Benefits for Mentors

  • Establish strong relationships throughout the organization
  • Encourage continuous learning
  • Serve as a trusted ally who provides guidance
  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience
  • Achieve a sense of fulfilment and personal growth
  • Reinforce your own knowledge of your areas of expertise
  • Share best practices

Program application opens in September and mentors and mentees are accepted and matched each fall. The program year runs from January - June.