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Robbin Bankston

Finance and Business Operations Director


Stipends & Bonuses

Stanford Health Care and Affiliated Hospitals

Job Title Annual Monthly
PGYI $87,734.40 $7,311.06
PGYII $91,665.60 $7,638.65
PGYIII $97,843.20 $8,153.44
PGYIV $102,835.20 $8,569.44
PGYV $108,659.20 $9,054.76
PGYVI $113,006.40 $9,417.02
PGYVII $118,788.80 $9,898.88
PGYVIII $123,739.20 $10,311.40

Effective 7/7/2024

Effective the first pay period following July 1, 2024, in lieu of a separate housing allowance, $10,000 shall be added to each Resident/Fellow’s base salary (subject to taxes and withholdings).

$1,000 - Cell Phone Allowance, added to the 1st paycheck in July (subject to taxes and withholdings).

$2,000 - Meal Allowance, added to the 2nd paycheck in July (subject to taxes and withholdings). MD’s only.

$2,000 - Educational Allowance, added to a paycheck in November (subject to taxes and withholdings).  

To be eligible all assigned Healthstream modules must be completed by the Resident or Fellow prior to the due date.

$3,500 - Moving Allowance for New Hires only. No receipts required. Paid on the 2nd paycheck in July (subject to taxes and withholdings).

Full information on all GME benefits (Health, Dental, Disability) is provided in House Staff Policies and Procedures located in Medhub and on the Stanford GME website.

The Medhub software is unable to reflect future salary increases. Salary increases will occur during the academic year according to the following schedule, as provided in the CBA:

Effective, the first pay period in September 2024 salaries shall be increased by five percent (5%).