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Dear Biosciences Trainees,

We're here to support you through this challenging time!

BioSci Careers is now offering Zoom and phone career counseling appointments which you can schedule through Handshake.

We're also offering workshops, courses, and group sessions via Zoom. Please stay tuned here and to our weekly newsletter to learn about new programs.

You may also find our resource library and video archive useful for addressing your advising, career, and professional concerns.

Whatever your career needs or concerns, we look forward to continuing to support you in your career and professional development.

Warmest regards,

BioSci Careers

BioSci Careers, formerly the School of Medicine Career Center, was created out of faculty and trainee advocacy. This is your career community and we thank all of those who help us thrive.

Tell Your Story.

Stories are remembered up to 22% more than facts alone. When combined with facts, stories engage partners on both a cognitive and emotive level so that they listen more closely and trust you more quickly (Jennifer Aacker, Harnessing the Power of Stories). As such, the best way for you to define your academic and career options is to connect the themes in others’ stories to your own. 

BioSci Careers is your community. Beyond a traditional “career center” model, we believe you are the center of our mission and you deserve opportunities to move beyond basic career development resources such as CV critiques and mock interviews. Through individualized connections opportunities, BioSci Careers provides a forum for faculty, alumni, employers, peers, trainee/student group leaders, and campus partners to share their stories and most useful resources. In turn, we create a diverse community in which to develop and tryout the various drafts of the story which will eventually lead to your career of choice.

Success is personal. We do not measure success by the number of job offers you receive; we measure it by your ability to achieve success as only you define it. As such, we support the myriad ways in which your training experience translates into a fulfilling career that aligns with your personal interests, values, and abilities. This alignment is the formula for the story you will share with your mentors and future employers. The safe, exploratory environments provided by our counseling/coaching and curriculum offerings empower you to discover your own definition of success.

Finding your career of choice takes time. Our ADAPT model—a developmental approach that bridges academic training with professional and career growth—was created with this in mind so that we can help you shape and tell your unique story, one chapter at a time.

Everyone has a story. We look forward to hearing yours.


  • 1:1 Sessions for personalized academic and career planning
  • Assessments




  • Integrated academic, professional, and career development
  • Gain and refine skills and experience




  • Meet alumni and other professionals across myriad sectors
  • Expand professional networks



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