Outgoing Residents/Fellows

Step 1

Review the criteria below if you need to checkout with GME.

Step 2

Obtain signatures from all departments listed in the form.

Step 3

GME is the last stop. Submit the form and checkout all items.

What are you looking for?

Contact for Benefits & Termination

Health & Health & Welfare benefits questions? Contact the SHC Benefits Service Center.

  • Phone: 855.278.7157 (Mon-Fri, 5am-5pm Pacific)

Contact for Housestaff Checkout

Last Revised 06/08/2018

Important Information: Final Paycheck & Checkout Form

  • Graduating/outgoing House Staff must checkout with GME on the last day of their appointment/contact to receive their final paycheck and certificate. Final Paycheck is not a direct deposit.
  • The Information Security Exit Form must also be completed and returned with the checkout form to the GME office.


  • Outgoing/Exiting Housestaff

    For current housestaff at SHC/LPCH and affiliated hospitals who are finishing their training

    • Visit the Outgoing Housestaff page.
    • Checkout window is on the last day of your appointment/contract.
    • Please bring the following to the GME office:
      1. Completed checkout form
      2. Email from a) SHC and b) LPCH HIMS/Medical Records (phone or hard copy)
      3. Generic SHC Lap Coat(s)
      4. Pager
      5. Photo ID Badge, Security Access Card
      6. FOB or Encrypted USB Jump Drive
      7. Stanford Gym Card

Before Offboarding & COBRA Coverage

Please review the Benefits Termination FAQs before offboarding from the Housestaff Program.

Criteria for Housestaff Checkout Form

Do I have to fill out the Housestaff Checkout form? See below for various scenarios:

I am currently a... …and, when I graduate, I will become a(n)... Do I fill out the Exiting Housestaff form?
resident paid by SHC fellow paid by SHC no
resident or fellow paid by SHC

one of the following:

  • OPA paid postdoc at Stanford
  • fellow at another institution
  • independent practice
  • SHC/LPCH faculty
Pediatric resident paid by SHC

one of the following:

  • Pediatric Chief Resident paid by the Pediatrics department
  • fellow at another institution
  • independent practice

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Your Health Care and/or Dependent Daycare FSA contributions stop when your pay stops upon employment termination with Stanford Health Care (SHC). You may incur IRS-qualified expenses up to date of termination. You must submit claims for reimbursement to HealthEquity no later than 90 days from SHC date of termination.
  • Unused funds will be forfeited upon employment termination. For example, if date of termination is June 30, you must submit IRS-qualified claims incurred through June 30 to HealthEquity no later than September 28.
  • To learn more visit FSA page in HealthySteps https://healthysteps4u.org/health-life-benefits/savings-spending-accounts/flexible-spending-accounts/

Health Incentive Account (HIA)

HealthySteps to Wellness Program

Malpractice Training/Certificate of Insurance Verification

MedHub - Offboarding

As an outgoing resident/fellow, please note the following regarding MedHub access:

  • You have access to your MedHub account 30 days after your end date. 
    • This also includes trainees who will be staying at Stanford as Faculty. As a Stanford faculty, you will be issued a new MedHub account (separate from your trainee MedHub account).
  • Before your contract end date, please do the following in MedHub:
    • download your procedure logs and portfolio entries,
    • verify all duty hours, and
    • complete all evaluations.

Stanford University E-mail Account @stanford.edu

Stanford University email account is sponsored by GME until month end of House Staff’s appointment/contract date.

I want to share a housing opportunity to incoming/current housestaff.

If you are moving out of your apartment/house and would like an incoming/current housestaff take over your lease, please let us know about the housing opportunity