Outgoing Residents/Fellows

Step 1

Review the criteria below if you need to checkout with GME.

Step 2

Obtain signatures from all departments listed in the form.

Step 3

GME is the last stop. Submit the form and checkout all items.

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Mitra Haddad, BA

Administrative Coordinator


650-723-5948 (office)

Last Revised 1/23/2018



Outgoing/Exiting Housestaff

For current housestaff at SHC/LPCH and affiliated hospitals who are finishing their training

  • Visit the Outgoing Housestaff page.
  • Checkout window is anytime throughout the year prior to finishing your training. If you are planning to leave earlier than your anticipated appointment end date, please present a letter from your Program Director stating your early departure dates.
  • Please bring the following to the GME office:
    • * Completed form with updated address
    • * Email from SHC and LPCH HIMS/Medical Records (in print or on phone)
    • * Lab coats (generic SHC)
    • * Pager
    • * ID Badge, Security Access Card & Clipper Card
    • * Data Security Key/Encrypted USB Flash Drive
    • * Stanford University Gym Card

Important Information

  • Must be completed and returned to the GME office in order to receive Final Paycheck. Final Paycheck is NOT a direct deposit.
  • The Information Security Exit Form must also be completed and returned with the checkout form to the GME office.

Before Offboarding & COBRA Coverage

Please review the Benefits Termination FAQs before offboarding from the Housestaff Program.

Download the Housestaff Checkout Form

Criteria for Housestaff Checkout Form

Do I have to fill out the Housestaff Checkout form? See below for various scenarios:

I am currently a... …and, when I graduate, I will become a(n)... Do I fill out the Exiting Housestaff form?
resident paid by SHC fellow paid by SHC no
resident or fellow paid by SHC

one of the following:

  • OPA paid postdoc at Stanford
  • fellow at another institution
  • independent practice
  • SHC/LPCH faculty
Pediatric resident paid by SHC

one of the following:

  • Pediatric Chief Resident paid by the Pediatrics department
  • fellow at another institution
  • independent practice

Reminders for Outgoing Housestaff

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Your Health Care and/or Dependent Daycare FSA contributions stop when your pay stops upon employment termination with Stanford Health Care (SHC). You may incur IRS-qualified expenses up to date of termination. You must submit claims for reimbursement to HealthEquity no later than 90 days from SHC date of termination.
  • Unused funds will be forfeited upon employment termination. For example, if date of termination is June 30, you must submit IRS-qualified claims incurred through June 30 to HealthEquity no later than September 28.
  • To learn more visit FSA page in HealthySteps https://healthysteps4u.org/health-life-benefits/savings-spending-accounts/flexible-spending-accounts/

Health Incentive Account (HIA)

HealthySteps to Wellness Program

I want to share a housing opportunity to incoming/current housestaff.

If you are moving out of your apartment/house and would like an incoming/current housestaff take over your lease, please let us know about the housing opportunity