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Summer 2023 Newsletter


Stanford OHNS held its Inaugural Research Trainee Retreat.

The event provided trainees with an opportunity for professional development through presentations of research and interactions with fellow researchers, faculty, and outside speakers. A big thank you to Dr. Elizabeth Direnzo for hosting and the team of faculty members and administrative staff who helped make the event so successful and memorable!⁠

Stanford Head and Neck Cancer Center held its Sixth Annual Stanford Head and Neck Cancer Patient and Caregiver Education Symposium.

For the month of April, the center partnered with the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance for the Head and Neck Cancer Move-A-Thon! ⁠ We are excited that our team raised nearly $4,400 and was the 5th highest-raising team participating in the Move-a-thon! Congratulations to the whole team for an amazing effort and thank you to those who helped! Thank you to all who were able to join us and thank you to Dr. Heather Starmer for leading the event and our team!⁠ Please visit this link to view videos from the symposium.

Stanford Ear Institute partnered with Baker Institute for the 15th Annual Listen to Me!

Listen to Me! is a research-based training for families and professionals to learn how to maximize listening and spoken language outcomes for children with cochlear implants. Children participate in an auditory-oral class setting and receive daily listening and spoken language therapy sessions while parents participate in educational presentations, therapy and class observations, skill-building activities, and parent support groups. For service providers, content focuses on addressing the unique needs of children with cochlear implants, understanding the technology, and learning strategies to facilitate strong listening and spoken language outcomes.

Stanford OHNS Grand Rounds Calendar 2022-23

On a weekly basis, we hold our grand rounds which include formal talks by Stanford faculty, trainees, and distinguished guests about everything from fascinating cases to the most current technological breakthroughs in global health. Please visit this link to view previously recorded rounds and our calendar schedule.

Stanford OHNS attended COSM 2023 in Boston

We are so proud of all the research showcased by our residents, fellows, medical students, visiting scholars and faculty!⁠⁠ Colleagues from several Academic medical centers attended our reception, allowing attendees to learn more about potential new residents, fellows, and faculty. Please click this link to learn more about our vision

Upcoming Stanford Nasal Plastic Surgery Course

Please save the date for the 2023 Facial Plastic Surgery Course, which will occur September 14-16, 2023. Our Course Directors are Sam Most, MD, and Jon Paul Pepper, MD. Please visit this link to register.

Global Engagement

Lauren Lalakea, MD was on ABC 7 “Building a Better Bay Area” to share about her work with Stanford OHNS to implement climate-friendly changes in Stanford clinics and ORs. ⁠

View the video segment on Instagram using this link.

We continued our Global Health program with a mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala!

For a week, the Stanford OHNS team, including Mai Thy Truong, MD, Grace Kim, MD, Charlie Lin, NP, Luisa Lule, Surgical Scrub Tech, and Sheleen Tolentino, RN, treated patients in Antigua, Guatemala performing microtia reconstruction with the HUGS foundation, led by Dr. Vito Quetela at the Obras Sociales hospital. 

One of their most memorable patients is a young man named Fernando, who was burned when his home caught on fire living in the jungle when he was 6 months old. His left ear became deformed from the injury and unhealthy due to trapped infections. Dr. Truong and the team started the multi-stage process of making his ear safe with plans to reconstruct his ear.

Select Recent Publications + Podcasts + Videos

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President Biden uses a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Here’s what to know.
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