Comprehensive Otolaryngology


Welcome to the Stanford Comprehensive ENT “How To” Video page. Below you will find instructional videos demonstrating how to perform specialized treatments you may not be familiar with.  Please click on the videos to watch a step by step guide showing you how to perform the treatments your provider discussed.

How to rinse the nose in Mygind's position

How to use hypertonic saline for Patulous management

How to stop a nose bleed

Neck exercises after neck surgery

How to use a nasal steroid spray

How to prevent and manage a dry nose

How to do a saline nasal rinse

How to add Mupirocin ointment to your saline nasal rinse

How to put Budesonide into your saline nasal rinse

How to add a Mupirocin and Budesonide combination to your saline nasal rinse

Changing the Inner Cannula

Changing the Tie

Cleaning the Stoma

Reinsertion of the Trach

Suctioning the Trach