Quality Council



Edward J. Damrose, MD, FACS
Professor of Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery and, by courtesy, of Anesthesiology

The OHNS Quality Council is chaired by Dr. Edward J. Damrose, MD, FACS.

It is comprised of

  • the United Based Medical Director and Patient Care Manager and their team (representing our inpatient practice)
  • our Clinic Chief and Ambulatory Clinic Manager and their team (representing our outpatient practice)
  • our Residency Program Director and Resident Safety Council (representing our trainees and housestaff)
  • our quality consultants
  • the service line director

Infrastructure Chart Legend

  • PARS: Patient Advocate Reporting System
  • BIOS: Behavioral Impact Observation System
  • CRC: Care Review Committee
  • OPPE: Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation
  • QPSEC: Quality Patient Safety & Efficacy Committee
  • MEC: Medical Executive Committee
  • ICDP: Improvement Capability Development Program
  • UBMD: Unit Based Medical Director
  • RSC: Resident Safety Council
  • PCM: Patient Care Manager
  • *: Databases

The Complete Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance Infrastructure of Our Department