Annual Improvement Projects




Fiscal year 2023

  • Improving efficiency of block time utilization
  • Reducing intraoperative waste of pharmaceuticals in short duration procedures*
  • Reducing OR case turnover time by improving accuracy of scheduling*
  • Improving wellness in otology division faculty
  • Optimizing the cardiac clearance process in head and neck surgery (RITE)

Fiscal year 2022

  • Improving efficiency in new patient referrals from LPCH to SHC
  • Improving wellness in pediatric division faculty
  • Increasing the utilization of heat and moisture exchanges for tracheostomized patients (CELT)
  • Optimizing tinnitus referrals from primary care to otolaryngology (CELT)

Fiscal year 2021

  • Optimizing sinusitis and nasal obstruction referrals from primary care (Value Based Selection: VBS)
  • Development of a bedside tracheostomy exchange protocol to enhance patient safety
  • Reducing tracheostomy-related pressure injuries (CELT)
  • Improving care transitions for hospitalized head and neck cancer patients
  • Reduction in insurance denials for eustacian tube surgery


Fiscal year 2020

  • Development of an elective tracheostomy pathway for patients with neurodegenerative disorders (CELT)*
  • Reducing surgical case cycle time*
  • Improving Body Mass Screening (BMI) in sleep surgery patients
  • Increasing telemedicine visits in ambulatory otolaryngology

Fiscal year 2019

  • Proper ICU utilization following maxillomandibular advancement (RITE)
  • Development of service line dashboard
  • Leveraging Enterprise Value Analytics (EVA) for divisional level quality improvement
  • ERAS pathway for free flaps in head and neck surgery
  • Improving likelihood to recommend scores (LTR) in Sleep Surgery Clinic (CELT)

Fiscal year 2018

  • Creation of Quality Council
  • Improving the informing of patients about clinic delays (RITE)
  • Improving admission clinical documentation
  • Improving tobacco screening and counselling compliance
  • Reducing open outpatient clinical encounters
  • Reducing intraoperative wastage of supplies