The Listen to Me! Conference

Maximizing listening & spoken language for children with cochlear implants

Listen to Me! is a research-based training on how to maximize listening and spoken language outcomes for children with cochlear implants.

Designed for Speech-Language Pathologists, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialists, Audiologists, Teachers, and Administrators to learn more about using a listening & spoken language approach for children with hearing loss. 


The Listen to Me! Conference is an intensive training program for children, families, and professionals to learn how to maximize listening and spoken language development with cochlear implants. 

Therapists, audiologists, teachers, and administrators are encouraged to accompany your clients or come individually to continue your professional learning. 

During the Listen to Me! family conference (which runs concurrently), families receive a comprehensive training on how to teach their children to develop listening and spoken language skills.  If you know a family that might benefit from attending our family conference, email us to let us know.  

PLEASE NOTE:  These courses are designed for professionals who have beginning to intermediate skills in auditory habilitation.  Most of the content is not appropriate for LSLS Cert. AVTs/AVEds or other professionals with a similarly advanced level of listening and spoken language training.

Jennifer Jordan McCall founded the Baker Institute for Children with Hearing Loss in 2008.  Since our inaugural Listen to Me in 2009, we have empowered the families of 145 children with cochlear implants, throughout the entire state of California.

To get a glimpse of Listen to Me! in action, check out our documentary film.