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Article by team including Drs. Truong, Chang, Kohn and Tribble #1 on Frontiers

A national working group of 9 experts on microtia and atresia, including Stanford’s very own Drs. Mai Thy Truong, Jocelyn Kohn, Melissa Tribble and Kay W. Chang, have the #1 viewed article in Frontiers since its  publication in December 2022. Their work presents recommendations for the coordinated evaluation and management of the hearing and reconstructive needs of patients with microtia and aural atresia.

New Article by Dr. Orloff and her team

Diagnosis of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma, defined as papillary thyroid carcinoma measuring 1cm or less in greatest diameter, has increased with improvements in ultrasound technology and widespread familiarity and utilization. Dr. Lisa A. Orloff and her team have recently published an article evaluating characteristics of the primary tumor and distance to the thyroid capsule in association with locoregional metastases to help guide risk assessment. 

Dr. Patel Leads Research on Nasal Injections That Could Treat Long-Term COVID-19-Related Smell Loss

Nasal injections could treat long-term COVID-19-related smell loss. In a study led by Dr. Zara Patel, patients whose sense of smell was affected by COVID-19 were helped by injections of platelet-rich plasma derived from their own blood.



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