Application Information

Residents Eric Wei, Alice Huang, Zoë Fullerton, Yu-Jin Lee, Julien Azimzadeh and Mohamed Diop

Who We are Looking for:

Individuals with exceptional qualifications who share a common mission and philosophy. Stanford Otolaryngology especially encourages applications from African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and other candidates from under-represented minority groups.

Required Application Materials for Residency Program

For both Clinical and CSTP:

  1. Common application form
  2. Personal statement
  3. Medical school transcript
  4. MSPE/Dean’s Letter (to be submitted as soon as it becomes available)
  5. No more than four letters of recommendation (minimum of three letters)
  6. Photograph
  7. USMLE transcripts (we strongly encourage you to have completed Step 2 by the time of application).
  8. Additional requirements for international medical graduates:


For CSTP applicants:

In addition, a one-page statement of purpose discussing long-term goals as a clinician-scientist is required. The pdf file should be named in the format of "Last Name+First Name Initial-CSTPstmt" (e.g., DoeJ-CSTPstmt.pdf).