Clerkship FAQ

I am a visiting student interested in completing a rotation at Stanford OHNS. What should I do?

Due to the limited space for visiting students on rotation, all visiting students need to submit a medical school transcript, your USMLE scores and a brief, one paragraph statement of interest. Visiting students will then be informed of acceptance to rotate. At that point you will need to submit a formal application through the School of Medicine Clerkship Website.

The Clerkship Office should inform you of any documentation that is missing, but it is highly recommended you double check your status with the OHNS Clerkship Coordinator, Xiaoyu Feng, two weeks before your clerkship begins.

Do I need to send an official USMLE transcript?

No, a scanned copy is fine.

What will be expected of me in the clinic and OR?

You will receive a welcome packet which includes guidelines and expectations, along with your clinic schedule and other important details, about one week before your rotation begins.

How many students can be registered per period?

No more than 5 students from all 3 clerkships combined.

Where can I find the current calendar of clerkship periods?

You can find the calendar on the School of Medicine Clerkship Website.

Where can I park when I arrive on campus?

Please refer to the Stanford Hospital Employee Parking Website for information on suggested parking locations. Parking permits for on-campus parking in designated parking areas can be purchased from Stanford's Parking and Transportation Services office. It is important to note that parking is not permitted at 801 Welch Rd. for the duration of your rotation. These parking spaces are limited in number and granted only to patients, faculty, and residents.