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Visiting Observer Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Proof of the following vaccines and/or test results is REQUIRED for Clearance to Observe in Operating Rooms and Clinics.

Acceptable proof is a copy of official medical records with your name, date of birth, official stamp or doctor's logo, date of vaccine or date of test and test results.

All non-English records must be accompanied by a translation. The translation does not have to be “official”.

COVID-19: Evidence of full vaccination: 14 days after 2nd dose mRNA or 1 dose vector (approved for Emergency Use Authorization in the USA) and a booster vaccine (as of January 24, 2022)

Varicella (Chickenpox): Evidence of Positive Titer or of 2 Varicella vaccines. History of the disease is NOT acceptable.

Measles: Evidence of Positive Titer or of 2 MMR or Measles vaccines

Mumps: Evidence of Positive Titer or of 2 MMR or Mumps vaccines

Rubella: Evidence of Positive Titer or of 2 MMR or Rubella vaccines

Tuberculosis: ONE of the following within 365 days of start date (even if you have received a TB vaccine)

    TB Skin Test: TWO TB Skin Tests, 7 to 21 days apart: Evidence of two injections, with a reading and the result for each

    Quantiferon Test (QFT): Evidence of test

    Chest x-ray: Copy of doctor's reading of results

Influenza: (IF observing from November 1 to April 30) Evidence of flu vaccine for CURRENT flu season (dated Sept 1 or later)

If the observer is a physician practicing in the USA, they may provide a letter from their institution’s occupational health department listing all the required tests and vaccines.