6th Annual Stanford Cancer Center Head & Neck Cancer Patient and Caregiver Education Symposium


 Our program on April 22 included information about innovative updates in the treatment of head and neck cancer, suggestions for dealing with the physical and emotional consequences of cancer and its treatment, and the opportunity to connect with others who have had or support someone who has had head and neck cancer. Highlights included a talk on how patients and healthcare providers can work together to improve the patient care experience by Dr. Justin Roe of the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, a talk on lymphedema by world-renowned lymphedema expert Dr. Stanley Rockson, and insight into the new HPV DNA testing methods presented by Dr. Chris Holsinger. 

Recorded Talks

Welcome to the 2023 Head & Neck Cancer Patient & Caregiver Education Symposium

Heather Starmer, MA CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Keynote Address

Life After Treatment

Dr. Kavitha Ramchandran, MD, Oncology

Building a Better Future Together

Justin Roe, PhD

Minimally Invasive Head and Neck Cancer Surgery: Current
Trends and New Directions

Dr. Andrey Finegersh, MD, Head & Neck Surgery

Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer

Dr. Uche Megwalu, MD, MPH, Comprehensive Otolaryngology

Patient Panel

Nutrition During and After Head and Neck Treatment

Kate Mathias, RD, Clinical Dietitian

Finding a Drug for Human Lymphedema: From Bedside to Bench
to Bedside

Dr. Stanley Rockson, MD, Cardiology

Mindfulness in Recovery: The Mind-body Connection.

Danae Robinett

Caregiver Perspective

Managing swallowing problems in head and neck cancer

Theresa Yao, SLP-D

Liquid Biopsy in H&N Cancer: From Diagnosis to Survivorship

Dr Chris Holsinger, MD, Head & Neck Surgery

Q&A Panel

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