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OTOHNS 200: Introduction to Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery

Seminar series designed to expose students to the field, including its subspecialties and commonly performed procedures. Goals: supplement anatomical knowledge with clinical correlates; understand basic diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of ENT problems commonly seen in primary care practice; how to perform a thorough head and neck examination. Seminars, given by faculty experts, cover major topics relating to each of the subdivisions within ENT.


307A Introduction to OHNS

Provides the medical student with a clinical experience in the field of Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery.

336A Subinternship in OHNS: Clinical Track

An advanced clerkship designed to give the senior medical student intense exposure to the field.

398A Clinical Elective in OHNS

An opportunity for the medical student to have an individualized clinical experience.

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OTOHNS 206: Augmenting Human Senses: Enhancing Perception with Technology and Bioscience

This course will introduce the neuroscience of human sensory perception (hearing, balance, vision, smell, taste, touch) and explore avenues by which technology and bioscience will enhance and augment these human senses. Employing artificial intelligence, emerging devices with embedded sensors may afford perceptual and cognitive abilities beyond the limits of our biological systems. We will consider emerging multi-functional devices with capabilities beyond their sensory functions via connection within an ecosystem of technologies to characterize activities (e.g., physical, social), enhance safety (e.g., fall alerts, balance improvement), track health (e.g., multi-sensory biometric monitoring), enhance communication (e.g., speech enhancement, language translation, virtual assistant), augment cognition (e.g., memory, understanding), and monitor emotional wellbeing (e.g., sentiment, depression). We will also review simulated multisensory stimuli towards achieving immersive experiences with virtual and augmented reality technologies.

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