Faculty Academic Staff Appointments

The Faculty Academic Staff Appointments web form system is used for:

Professoriate and Emeritus faculty for these transactions:

  • Add a department, school, or policy center/institute affiliation
  • Extend an appointment
  • Change the percent time of appointment
  • Provide notice of a resignation, retirement, termination, death
  • Recall Emeriti (FRIP and non-FRIP)

Clinician Educator, Academic Staff, Visiting and all Other Teaching Title transactions except:

  • Changes in duties
  • Salary changes

Reference Guides:

NOTE: You'll find the following guidelines under "Other Faculty Actions" on the Evidence Tables + Guidelines page

  • FASA Reference Guide (focused mostly on Professoriate and Emeritus actions)
  • FASA 2.2 Reference Guide (focused mostly on Academic Staff and Other Teaching Titles)
  • FASA School of Medicine Supplement