Faculty Academic Staff Appointments

Application Overview

The Faculty Academic Staff Appointments (FASA) web form system was designed to automate the submission and approvals process for academic appointments and update the faculty record database (FAAS) in Peoplesoft, while allowing functional units to track the status of their requests. FASA allows departments to compile and submit appointment materials for both paid and unpaid faculty and staff to the Office of Academic Affairs for review and approval.

Populations and Actions Supported

Professoriate, Emeritus, Clinician Edcuator Academic Staff, Visiting and All Other Teaching Title Transactions

For Professoriate and Emeritus Faculty, Departments may use FASA to:

  • Add a department, school, or policy center/institute affiliation
  • Extend a current academic appointment
  • Alter an appointment’s FTE
  • Provide notice of a faculty resignation, retirement, termination, or death
  • Recall retired Emeriti (FRIP and non-FRIP)

* Note: Professoriate faculty do not use FASA for new appointment transactions.

For Clinician Educators, Adjunct Clinical Faculty, and Other Teaching Titles, Departments should use FASA for all appointment actions except:

  • Changes to Duties
  • Changes to Salary


Authorized Department staff can obtain access by emailing Victoria Kanzaki at vkanzaki@stanford.edu.


If you need any assistance, please reach out to Bee Kahn-Sales at bksales@stanford.edu or the School of Medicine's Technology & Digital Solutions (TDS)