How to Organize Your CV/Candidate's Statement


For the Professoriate (UML, UTL, RL, TL) and Clinician Educators

Curriculum Vitae and Candidate's Statement - Showcasing Your Accomplishments

The curriculum vitae and candidate's statement are the faculty member's voice in their reappointment and promotion considerations. These documents are sent to internal and external referees, who will write letters evaluating the case for reappointment or promotion.  They are also included in the file that is reviewed by committees at the Department, School, and, for Professoriate, the University.

Keeping Current

It is important to keep your CV up to date by systematically collecting and recording relevant achievements as they occur.  These might include:

  • publications - articles, reviews, case reports, book chapters, abstracts
  • extramural and intramural grants and awards
  • teaching awards
  • national service - membership/leadership in national academic organizations, journal review, editorial boards, study sections, grant review
  • invited presentations


Any informative CV format is acceptable as long as it comprehensively communicates scholarly activities.  The Detailed Guidelines (below) include information typically provided in anticipation of committee review.  Candidates should be encouraged to review the list carefully, as it includes some items that are required, as noted.  For example, Stanford requires that peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed publications be listed separately. In addition, we ask that peer-reviewed publications be separated into ‘original research’ and ‘other’ (which may include peer-reviewed editorials, commentaries, etc.)

It is important to date the CV to indicate most recent update.

It is very helpful to order items consistently. That is, most recent to oldest, or oldest to most recent, for all historical lists such as educational history, professional appointments, presentations, awards and publications.

Candidate's Statement

The Candidate's Statement provides a faculty member the opportunity to explain their contributions, achievements and future plans in the research, clinical, teaching and administrative arenas.

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