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Iris F. Litt, M.D.

Associate Dean
Marron and Mary Elizabeth Kendrick Professor in Pediatrics (Emerita)

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This website is intended to be a place where all your questions about resources and opportunities for Stanford School of Medicine’s Senior and Retired Faculty can be easily found.  For senior faculty, this page is organized around resources for enriching your life now and guidance and support for those thinking about retirement.  

Prep for the Future While Enriching Your Life Now

Prep for the Future maps out key steps for those considering future retirement. We also highlight Stanford resources to enrich your life now.

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Retirement Planning Considerations

Retirement Planning Considerations provide a roadmap to develop your personal advisory team and highlight key Stanford resources related to retirement.

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New Beginnings: Jumpstarting the Rest of Your Life

New Beginnings: Jumpstarting the Rest of Your Life: We have developed this program to provide guidance and support for our faculty contemplating retirement in the future.

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New Beginnings Coaching

New Beginnings Coaching is offering 1:1 coaching to interested senior faculty on the transition to retirement. Traditional retirement planning typically focuses on financial issues but does not address the social and emotional aspects of retirement.

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"Go to" Resources

“Go to” Resources: This page is in response to requests for guidance in finding information about transition planning contacts, resources, and websites, including a Faculty Retirement Checklist and CE Retirement Checklist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: We have highlighted a FAQ section for the professoriate (including FRIP) and a FAQ section for clinician educators related to retirement and key resources.

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