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May 2023 Announcements

General Announcements Effective/Due Date
Reminder: OAA In-Service Planning Day 05/05/23
OAA Website Survey May 2023
Clinician Educators Effective/Due Date
Teaching Evaluations Immediately
Website Update          05/01/23
Professoriate Effective/Due Date
Search Report Resources Updates Immediately
FSAT Candidate Statuses Immediately
Systems and Reports Effective/Due Date
Retirement of Leave PDF Forms 04/10/2023
OAA Website & Faculty System Enhancements Form Ongoing
Visiting and Short-term Faculty Effective/Due Date
LOI & OL Template Updates Immediately
Adjunct Clinical Faculty Effective/Due Date
No Updates for May 2023 May 2023

General Announcements

Reminder: OAA In-Service Planning Day

This is a friendly reminder that the Office of Academic Affairs will hold an all-day In-Service Planning Day on May 5. During this time our staff will be focused on working sessions, activities, and events and will not be available to respond to requests. We look forward to picking back up our usual operations on Monday, May 8, and will respond to messages that arrive during our planning day as soon as possible.

Please feel free to share this message with anyone on your team who may be impacted, and reach out to Adam Sherman at if you have any concerns.

OAA Website Survey

In response to the feedback we have received from our partners across the School of Medicine, we are currently reviewing the OAA website to identify the best ways to improve accessibility and functionality. As we begin this comprehensive review, the feedback from our customers and partners is critical to ensure we make changes that matter and positively impact the important work that we are collectively responsible for. We have a survey set up and encourage anyone who interacts with the OAA website to provide their feedback by the end of May. If surveys aren’t your favorite mode of communication, please reach out directly to Elisabeth Cagle either with email feedback or to set up a call. Thank you in advance for your participation in the process, and thank you to everyone so far who has already provided ideas and information. We look forward to sharing updates as we move towards making changes!

Clinician Educators

Teaching Evaluations

Previously, only teaching evaluations from the current term were permitted when submitting a reappointment or promotion action. Effective immediately, you may now submit up to the last five years of evaluations even if some evaluations are from outside the current term. Although teaching evaluations from outside the current term are not a requirement, the change in policy to allow them reflects an effort to maintain a more equitable review for CEs who are not completing a full term before being promoted. Teaching evaluations from the current term are still required. 

Website Update

The Clinician Educators actions webpage on OAA’s website (For FAAs > Action Guidelines and Instructions > Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion > Clinician Educators) has been updated and revised include:

  • Condensed and refined language
  • Useful resource links
  • A snapshot of the life of a typical action file
  • Reformatting to resemble the OAA Toolbox for easier use.


This page has gone live as of May 1, 2023; if you have any questions or issues, please contact Todd Bastin at and Ashley Klein at


Search Report Resources Updates

The Evidence Tables + Guidelines webpage on OAA’s website (Toolbox > Evidence Tables + Guidelines > Faculty Search) has been updated to include two new Sample Search Narratives. These samples follow our Search Report Narrative Outline document, which has also been freshly updated. We strongly encourage you to peruse these new resources, particularly in light of the past year’s faculty search process adjustments. This has gone live as of April 28, 2023. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Jessica Negrette at or the Professoriate Team at

Note that we have added these guidance documents to the Resources for Department Chairs and Faculty A&P Leads webpage on OAA’s website.

FSAT Candidate Statuses

As a reminder, please take care when dispositioning faculty candidates from one status to the other. Some common questions/issues have been due to:

  1. ‘Skipping’ a status, i.e., moving someone from "Definitive Pool” without first placing them in “Meets Basic Requirements” and “Longlist”. Candidate data will not be accurately reflected in the demographic report unless they are moved iteratively through each status: Meets Basic Requirements -> Longlist (if applicable) -> Shortlist (if applicable)-> Finalist(s)/Selected (or other applicable final status)
  2. Moving a candidate to a previous status. While their status will be reflected within your applicant view list, if you move a candidate to a previous status, their demographic data will still be included in the most advanced stage. The only way to reverse a status is through a ServiceNow Ticket.

When in doubt, please contact the Professoriate Team for assistance. Thank you!

Systems and Reports

Retirement of Leave PDF Forms

Effective April 10th, PDF leave request forms have been retired, and all departments will need to submit requests via the MedLeave application. If your department has not yet been set up or if you need additional support, please contact Lisbeth Fuentes-Fernandez.

OAA Website & Faculty System Enhancements Form

As we continue to update our OAA systems, we want to remind everyone of our commitment to advocating for system enhancements and improvements that support efficient workflows. We welcome your feedback and ideas! Please submit any suggestions, comments, or concerns to our OAA Website & Faculty System Enhancement Form. All submissions through this form are reviewed by our leadership team, and we will follow up with progress as we work through each item. Thank you for your partnership in improving these tools and resources!

Visiting and Short-term Faculty Announcements

LOI & OL Template Updates

Reminder: On April 5th we received an announcement regarding the COVID Vaccination Policy, stating that the COVID vaccination requirement was sunsetting on April 10th.

The Visiting and Short-term Faculty OL and LOI templates have now been updated reflecting this change. Please note, vaccination requirements will remain in place for students and staff who work or rotate in Stanford Health Care facilities, in accordance with federal guidance. Please begin using the most up-to-date templates when submitting appointment/reappointment request for all Visiting and Short-term Faculty.

Adjunct Clinical Faculty Announcements

No Updates for May 2023