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June Announcements

  • Notice: The June 16th FAA Roundtable will feature the new Faculty Search Applicant Tracking (FSAT) system
  • Update: Offer Letter and Letter of Invitation Templates
  • Update: New OAA Homepage
  • Reminder: “faa-peermentoring” Slack Channel
  • Reminder: OAA Announcements Slack channel
  • Reminder: 360 Evaluation Report
  • Reminder:  It is time to submit your faculty’s additional COVID Assistance Term extension FASA’s

Notice: The June 16th FAA Roundtable will feature the new Faculty Search Applicant Tracking (FSAT) system.  Please join the Professoriate group as we debut our system administrative guide, discuss specific plans for your current active search transitions, and have an open forum for early users’ questions and feedback.

Update: Offer Letter and Letter of Invitation Templates

  •  Visiting & Short-Term Appointment & Reappointment Letter Templates

The appointment and reappointment (both paid and unpaid) templates for the Visiting and Short-Term population have been updated again to incorporate language around the University’s COVID vaccination requirements including accommodations. Immediate use of the updated templates is requested.

Update: We are happy to announce the launch of the updated Office of Academic Affairs homepage. We encourage you to visit the website to familiarize yourself with the new updates.

Also, after some departmental feedback we received, we would also like to inform you of another website update that we have implemented. There is no longer an “FAA + Tutorials” page. We took your feedback and separated these pages into two- FAA Roundtables and Qualtrics. The FAA roundtable can still be found under “for the FAAs” and the Qualtrics page is under Toolbox.

Reminder: In March 2019 there was a slack channel, “faa-peermentoring”, created for all staff working on faculty affairs. This channel is where you can ask your peer FAAs a specific question that their department Colleagues may not be able to answer. Example: “Does anyone with experience doing XYZ and have time to walk me through their process?” You would also have the opportunity to go back and look for the answer since Slack is searchable.

If you are not currently in the slack channel and would like to be, please email Ashley Klein (

Disclaimer: This channel is for informal exchange and any posting to the channel does not represent official policy of Stanford University or the School of Medicine. This channel will not be monitored by OAA. Also, please remember that secure information should never be posted in Slack.

Reminder: We are happy to announce that we have created an OAA Announcements Slack channel.  While joining this channel is optional, we encourage you to join by clicking this link.  The intended audience for the OAA Announcements Slack channel is FAAs and DFAs of the School of Medicine, and will allow you to receive brief announcements, reminders, and urgent alerts in real time from OAA.

The channel is restricted, and only OAA members can post in it.  We encourage you to react to the messages, and to follow up directly with the poster if you have follow-up questions.

Reminder: 360 Evaluation Reports are to be included in long form packets, for Assistant Professors who are research investigators, and discussed as part of the evidence in the file.  We advise the department to specifically address the last page with bullet points, which lists the strengths and the areas of development and to discuss these areas and plans for improvement in the narrative and the counseling memo for assistant professors who are research investigators.

The program FAQs are here. For questions or clarification about the 360 process, contact Rania Sanford, Director of Faculty Professional Development, or Cindy Ho, Director of Strategic Academic Projects,

Reminder:  It is time to submit your faculty’s additional COVID Assistance Term extension FASA’s.  Please refer to the emails and reminders sent to you regarding next steps for final processing. Formal notices from the Provost’s office will follow a later time.