MedLeave Overview

The MedLeave application is an online based application that will facilitate the leave request workflow for all necessary reviewers and approvers. Faculty and Leave Admins will be able to submit leave requests and track the progress of the requests as it moves through the review workflow. As the request moves through the reviewing workflow, the reviewing parties will be notified via email once a request is ready for review. Each reviewing group will have the availability to approve, deny, and, if necessary, return the request for additional clarification. In addition to the workflow process, Sabbatical and PDL-eligible faculty will have an interactive check accrual tool that they can use to find their current and future balances.

Population and Leave Types Supported by MedLeave

  • Sabbaticals
    Professoriate Faculty with Primary appointments at SoM, eligibility requirements can be found in the University Handbook.
  • Leaves Without Salary (LWOS)
    All faculty in the UML, UTL, and NTL lines
  • Professional Development Leave (PDL)
    CE faculty with a current FTE of 50% or higher, eligibility requirements can be found in the Professional Development Statement.
  • Leave of Absence (LOA)

 CE, Instructors, and Clinical Scholars

Starting a Leave Request

A faculty member may start a leave request within the application by logging into MedLeave. Once submitted, the department leave administrator will be notified to review before the request proceeds to the departmental review process. Leave administrators may also initiate a request on behalf of a faculty member. In this process, the faculty will be notified to review and approve the request before the request commences the departmental review process.

MedLeave Request Review and Approval Map

MedLeave Request Process Stages

  • Faculty Draft – When a faculty member starts a request but does not submit it to the leave administrator for review. In this stage, faculty can save the request to complete at a later time. 
  • Admin Draft – A leave request will be in this stage once a faculty member has submitted the request or when a leave administrator initiates the request on behalf of a faculty member. In this stage, leave administrators can make changes to the submitted request. 
  • Faculty Review – When the leave administrator initiates a leave request, the faculty will need to review the request before it proceeds in the review process. Faculty will also need to re-review a request when any changes are made by the leave administrator. 
  • DFA Review – DFA will be required to review and approve the request. Additionally, the Data security attestation form will need to be completed by the DFA. 
  • Sponsored Research Review – RPMs will be notified to review and approve all requests with a completed Attachment A. Requests that do not have sponsored projects listed will by-pass this stage. 
  • Division Review – If applicable, division chiefs will be notified to review and approve requests for faculty assigned to their division. 
  • Department Review – Department chairs, or delegated individual, will be notified to review and approve for their faculty. 
  • OAA Pending Review – Requests will be in this stage when the data security attestation form has not yet been approved or when the request is pending an exception request memo to be uploaded. 
  • OAA Initial Review – OAA will receive the request for initial review before it proceeds to the central office review process.

User Guides


  • MedLeave is available to all departments and faculty in the School of Medicine. If your department does not have access, please contact 
  • For questions about MedLeave, please contact