The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is responsible for ensuring the highest level of faculty data integrity and comprehension for School of Medicine. As data stewards, we are committed to providing information that empowers decision-makers, supports data transparency across constituents, and informs policy and practice.

Key responsibilities:

  • Official Census Snapshot
  • Annual Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Faculty Reporting


OAA is responsible for supporting the appointment, promotion, and retention of faculty at the School of Medicine. As a central office, we work in partnership with academic departments, business units, and university to promote and enhance administrative applications that facilitate these processes.

Bio/Demo Information

Faculty Search Applicant Tracking (FSAT)

(Training Evaluation)

Faculty Billets

(Term Sheets)

Faculty Appointments Reporting Module (FARM)

(Faculty Leaves)

Faculty Academic Staff Appointments (FASA)

(Faculty Onboarding)


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