Facilitating the appointment, reappointment, promotion, and retention of the faculty of the School of Medicine.

What We Do

OAA’s main function is to support Departments, the School of Medicine and the University in:

  • Safeguarding the integrity, fairness, and transparency of policies and processes affecting the faculty
  • Providing a supportive environment in which faculty can develop, flourish and succeed.


In addition to overseeing faculty appointment and promotion processes, OAA also has the following responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of School-wide policies and interpretation and application of University policies regarding academic affairs
  • Collection, maintenance and interpretation of faculty data for reporting to the School and University and for informing policy decisions
  • Management of sabbaticals and other leaves, FTE changes, resignations, retirements
  • Resolution of conflicts informally or through official investigations in response to formal complaints or grievances
  • Direction of the training and processes of department and institute academic affairs staff
  • Faculty workshops