Organizational Development Services

Professional Development

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) provides services to groups of faculty members in the areas of organizational development, training, strategic planning, and climate assessments.  Faculty members or unit leaders may seek OAA support on projects or to address issues in those areas where there is impact on either the individual and group performance.  OAA provides resources internally, and makes outside referrals where appropriate.  Examples of engagements include:

  • Consultations to individual faculty, program directors, chairs, chiefs and others in leadership roles to manage issues or situations related to compliance, conduct, interpersonal dynamics, and training, including training relevant to inclusivity and to collaboration
  • Improvement in communication across the group
  • Strategic planning
  • Climate and culture assessment
  • Planning and facilitation of group retreats, including research group retreats
  • Conflict resolution and mediation processes
  • Consultation and coaching ahead of significant events such as townhalls and difficult conversations

The primary resource personnel for these services are Ellen Waxman and Rania Sanford-- directors with extensive Stanford experience, and combined backgrounds in law, mediation, organizational development, communication, operations, diversity, equity, and inclusion.