Professoriate and Clinician Educator Lines

FOR FACULTY (Professoriate + Clinician Educator Lines)

Faculty Mentoring

We highlight practices, evidence, suggestions, and programs that facilitate effective mentoring experiences, in order to support and advance faculty success at the Stanford School of Medicine. 


Our mission is to build capacity across our institution to deliver quality coaching in medical education and position Stanford Medicine as a leader in this domain.

NEW Website for Faculty Training Opportunities

On behalf of the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity and the Office of Academic Affairs, we are happy to announce a new website intended for our School of Medicine faculty to access a centralized hub of go-to resources for professional development and faculty training opportunities at Stanford.

Faculty Advisory and Support Panel

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) has formed a Faculty Advisory and Support Panel of 12 faculty members who have participated in SMLA (Stanford Medicine Leadership Academy).

During these stressful and challenging times, many faculty members are trying to balance different kinds of activities and responsibilities, and many are appropriately feeling some concern and stress about their career advancement and other professional matters.

Members of the Faculty Advisory and Support Panel are available for any faculty member for an advice and support conversation.  Individual faculty may contact any of the panel’s members directly by email.  Conversations will have the same confidential protection as any faculty career development process.

This initiative aims to lower the barriers for faculty members to reach out and have frank discussions with a neutral and concerned party.  Topics vary and may span the domains of professional interactions, collegial relationships, interpersonal or department concerns, career development, promotion and reappointment criteria, mentoring, conflict, and other related issues. Panel members are trained and resourced to make appropriate referrals or offer direct guidance. 

Consulting and Support Services

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) provides services to groups of faculty members in the areas of organizational development, training, strategic planning, and climate assessments.  Faculty members or unit leaders may seek OAA support on projects or to address issues in those areas where there is impact on either the individual and group performance.  OAA provides resources internally, and makes outside referrals where appropriate.  Examples of engagements include:

  • Consultations to individual faculty, program directors, chairs, chiefs and others in leadership roles to manage issues or situations related to compliance, conduct, interpersonal dynamics, and training, including training relevant to inclusivity and to collaboration
  • Improvement in communication across the group
  • Strategic planning
  • Climate and culture assessment
  • Planning and facilitation of group retreats, including research group retreats
  • Conflict resolution and mediation processes
  • Consultation and coaching ahead of significant events such as townhalls and difficult conversations

The primary resource personnel for these services are Ellen Waxman and Rania Sanford-- directors with extensive Stanford experience, and combined backgrounds in law, mediation, organizational development, communication, operations, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Executive Coaching Services

We encourage our faculty to engage with professional coaches early to assist faculty rather than when serious issues have developed.  OAA maintains a list of professional coaches who are familiar with Stanford Medicine. 

Some coaches provide coaching to participants in leadership programs at Stanford, including Stanford Medicine’s internal faculty coach, Dr. Rania Sanford.  She is a Columbia-trained coach and a certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the International Coach Federation.  She trains medical education faculty through the school’s COACHME.  Rania is available for an initial consultation to determine the coaching needs and assist with referrals to outside coaches as appropriate. 

In some cases, faculty members will work with Rania on a variety of coaching topics related to career paths and transitions; interpersonal dynamics; professional skills; inclusion, and performance.  Coaching engagements range from 1-3 meetings to more ongoing and long-term commitments.  A coaching fee may be assessed depending on the nature and length of the engagement; the fees fund the school-wide faculty professional development programming.

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