Leave Policies

For Clinician Educators

Chapter 3.5 of the School of Medicine Faculty Handbook contains the policies governing leaves and Professional Development Leave for Clinician Educators.


For The Professoriate

Chapter 3 in the University Faculty Handbook contains the Stanford University policies governing leaves and sabbaticals.

Below are some useful excerpts:

Limitations on Leaves

It is University policy to place limitations on the granting of leaves. When considering a faculty member’s leave request, the department Chair and school Dean should determine whether the following two limitations have been satisfied:

Overall Limit on Leave

The total time spent on leaves of any kind normally should not exceed six quarters in seven years for faculty with nine month appointments or 24 months in seven years for faculty with 12 month appointments. (To determine this limit, count back seven years from the end date of a proposed leave. In this calculation, partial leaves will be prorated.)

Limit on Contiguous Absence

In addition, leaves of any kind, or combinations of leaves, may not exceed 24 contiguous months for faculty with 12 month appointments or two consecutive academic years for faculty with 9 month appointments, irrespective of percent time off duty.


Leaves may not be taken during the academic year immediately preceding retirement.

Short Absences

Short absences for personal business, illness, jury duty, military duty, and similarly limited absences normally are with full salary.  It is expected that when scheduling periods of personal time off, one’s academic responsibilities are taken into consideration and continue to be fulfilled.  The department chair or supervisor should be notified in advance of any absence that may affect class, laboratory, research, clinical activities or other University commitments.

Additional policy information can be found in the School of Medicine Faculty Handbook, Chapter 9, sections 3 and 5.