Events + Workshops

Coming Up

All events and workshops will be delivered via zoom until social gathering restrictions on campus are lifted.

Faculty Fireside Chats: Biosicences Faculty Fireside Chats on Student Activism

This series of five sessions in April and May aims to create open faculty-only space for a conversation about trainee activism, how to respond as a mentor, and develop a nuanced understanding of concepts of identity, allyship and belonging in ways that are relevant to today's discourse and the upcoming generation of scientists.

Faculty Fireside Chats: Medical Faculty Excellence in an Era of Social Juctice Activism 

A faculty-only monthly program oriented to the clinical and medical education spaces. The sessions discuss student activism and diversity and inclusion topics at the School of Medicine. 

Starting Up Your Research Group (SURGE)

This year-long course is for new assistant professors who are new principal investigators and leaders of research groups.  In the first quarter, participants learn management, mentoring and planning skills for their labs and research groups.  In the second quarter, the course focuses on the PI skills in managing self, work-life balance, and managing up.  In the third quarter, the course focuses on research administration and policies and teaching.

Upcoming sessions include: 

  • Mentor? Advisor? Coach? Your Role as a New Investigator. 
  • Essential [Remote] Team Processes.
  • Behavioral Interviewing.
  • Writing Productivity. 
  • Time Management and the Power of Habit. 
  • Active Listening. 
  • Crucial Conversations. 
  • Equity and inclusion in teams. 
  • The IDP Process for Graduate Students.
  • The IDP Process for Postdocs.  


Starting Up Your Research Group II (SURGE II)

This cohort-based course provides leadership training for faculty who have managed research groups for at least 2 years, or have successfully completed SURGE. The course entails didactic as well as hands-on workshops, in addition to individual leadership assessment and coaching from a certified internal coach.

Pre-requisite: Completion of the School of Medicine's 360 evaluation process for assistant professors.

Participation: Limited to 15 faculty, by nomination from the department chair/ division chief.

Commitment: 7 sessions.  35-40 hours over a 4-5 month period.

Programs for Chairs and Chiefs

OAA hosts regular workshops for chairs and chiefs, typically 1-2 workshops per quarter.  The workshops cover key topics related to policy, resources, planning and issues pertaining to the faculty.  They also include skill-building workshops oriented to enhance the faculty’s existing leadership competencies. Department leaders may request workshops specific for their division, program and unit leaders.

Professional Development Programs for All Faculty

An ongoing series of workshops are offered to all faculty, broadly-speaking or by line or rank, at a regular basis.  Many address key topics such as mentoring and management skills, and others focus on procedures and policies related to topics like promotion, sabbaticals, and career advancement.