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All Stanford Medicine users with a SUNetID have access.


Jan 26th, 2023 - Qualtrics is changing to how libraries are organized.  Information on these changes can be found in this Qualtrics article.

The Qualtrics form and survey tool is an easy-to-use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys or building a simple form. 

This service may be used to store and transmit Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office. It features many powerful tools including:

  • Quick survey builder
  • 100+ question types
  • Invitation sending and tracking
  • Results reporting
  • Polls
  • Stanford Medicine look and feel
  • Sharable web reports
  • Mobile-friendly surveys
  • Export to Excel
  • Webauth integration

Qualtrics Support

How We Can Help

Our service to you is primarily administrative: providing account access, recovery, migration and security services. Beyond the scope of these commitments, users should seek direct assistance through Qualtrics. We do provide guidance on some of Stanford's integrated features, for more foundational help resources please reference Qualtrics' help resources. If you wish to communicate with Qualtrics support,  select the '?' in the upper right corner after logging into your account.  From the popup select 'contact support'. Then, select 'Sign in with SSO'. When asked for your 'organization ID' enter stanfordmedicine. 


Multiple Accounts

There are multiple Stanford Qualtrics instances; accounts are separate and managed independently. The School of Medicine's account is distinct from Stanford University's IT (UIT).


Embedding your survey into AEM is just one feature that can be leveraged with Stanford's Qualtrics. Use SSO and SUNet authentication to raise security and garner further insights on your projects.

Knowledge Base

The Qualtrics support site provides foundational and advanced guidance to build sophisticated surveys for a variety of applications and audiences. Particularly powerful include automated actions, data analysis and reports.

PHI & Security

By defailt, Qualtrics is capable of handling PHI and follows strict minimum security standards. Stanford employees and affiliates should be familiar with the protocols and tools available to highten their surveys security.