Leave without Salary/Unpaid Leave of Absence



The Faculty Leave Data Security Attestation Form is required for all leaves (including FMLA, disability, and other leaves handled by the Benefits administrators).

For leaves processed by OAA, please review the attestation with your department DFA, to be submitted with the leave request. For leaves processed by Benefits, the form should be retained in the department's records.

Professoriate: Leave without Salary

Appointments at Other Institutions

A faculty member on leave without salary may not take a regular faculty or administrative position at another institution of higher education. However, faculty on leave without salary may accept a visiting professor appointment at another educational institution.

Effect on an Appointment for a Term of Years

A leave without salary extends a term appointment held by a member of the Professoriate, irrespective of faculty line, by a period equal to the duration of the leave, unless there is advanced written agreement to the contrary. This extension is not automatic; it must be requested by the department and school. Check with your departmental Faculty Affairs Administrator for more details.

Effect on the Tenure Clock and Appointment Clock Deadlines

A leave without salary taken by an untenured Tenure Line faculty member also extends his or her seven year tenure clock. It does not extend the ten year appointment clock deadline.

Clinician Educators, Instructors, and Clinical Scholars: Unpaid Leave of Absence

During an unpaid absence a Clinician Educator, Instructor, or Clinical Scholar does not receive pay from the University.  Administrative Guide Section 2.1.8, Miscellaneous Authorized Absences covers various types of leave from the University.  Section describes several types of leave of absence without salary and addresses benefits continuation during an unpaid leave of absence.  

A Clinician Educator may be placed on personal leave without pay at a department's discretion and with advance approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.  Consideration will be given to the type of absence, the impact on programmatic need, and whether the absence is to be partial or complete, and the duration of the absence; approval of an absence exceeding 12 months should be rare.  

An unpaid leave of absence must be for a definite period with specific starting and ending dates and cannot extend beyond the end of a fixed-term appointment.  General policies for Leaves of Absence appear in Administrative Guide Section

Applying for Leave Without Salary (Professoriate) or Unpaid Leave of Absence (Clinician Educators, Instructors, and Clinical Scholars)

  1. Discuss with your division chief or department chair. If your leave does not strictly follow School guidelines, discuss whether the department will request an exception to policy for you.
  2. If necessary, consult the University Faculty Handbook (Professoriate) or the University Admin Guide (Clinician Educators, Instructors, and Clinical Scholars) for policies and information.
  3. As part of the submission to OAA, please ensure the following are complete:
    1. the leave request form for Professoriate or for Clinician Educators, Instructors, and Clinical Scholars.
    2. if appropriate, Attachment A signed by your Research Process Manager
    3. the Faculty Leave Data Security Attestation Form (see sidebar link) signed by your DFA
  4. Submit all three to your Faculty Affairs Administrator for your department chair's signature and, if applicable, your division chief’s signature.

Note: Your leave request form must be submitted to OAA by the departmental FAA at least 30 days prior to the start of the leave. Please contact your departmental FAA to understand the process needed internally prior to submission to OAA.