Digital Services maintains Stanford Medicine's web development platform Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with over 800 websites, and counting. We provide education and support to over 400 web authors through our online training resources, live support sessions, and ongoing platform development.

Digital Services

Who We Are

In addition to AEM, we support a catalog of use-specific web platforms including MedWiki and WordPress for either private, or public audiences. If you are a Stanford Medicine staff or affiliate, we also provide access to content management systems for video, forms & surveys, and event registration.

Platforms Supported

How We Help

More than just troubleshooting support

Present & Promote

Primarily an external facing web team via AEM, we also support other platforms including MedWiki and Wordpress. Make your content more effective and visible by following our design and SEO best practices.


Need insights on your external AEM site? We provide analytic products including access to robust Google Analytics dashboards and monthly Adobe Analytics reports. 


Need extra eyes on your new site? We provide a thorough review of newly created AEM sites. Our group of experts in design and architecture give you personal feedback prior to launch.


Have sensitive content and need to find the ideal place to store it? There’s an array of options available based on your material and audience. Files, video, forms/surveys, AEM and intranet all have privacy controls.