Open communication channels using email forms

Use Forms to collect user data via email to any address you choose.  Forms are built by adding individual fields to create a customized intake message.  A sample contact form is included with new site templates.


  • Form fields include text, radio, checkbox and dropdown
  • Custom mailTo and Subject configurations
  • Custom Success and Error redirect pages
  • Integrated Google Recaptcha for heightened security

Note: Forms have been recently updated (5/22) to address a secuirty exploit and existing forms must be updated. Please see this article to update existing forms.

Pro Tips

  • Configure the Form Container first, then insert desired fields
  • Email intake is convenient but not ideal for sensitive data and analysis
  • Consider embedding a Qualtrics form using the External component
  • All form elements are located within the "Stanford Forms Component" category

Visual Manual

Align left-column colors with right-column content

Input Fields

Configure the output

Output Key

Displays the input fields

Note: This form uses 3 Text Fields (Email, Subject, Message) within a single Container. Each field demonstrates a different configuration option.