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All Stanford Medicine users with a SUNetID have access.


Jan 26th, 2023 - Qualtrics is changing to how libraries are organized.  Information on these changes can be found in this Qualtrics article.

Survey Security & Privacy

Qualtrics may be used to store and transmit Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office, and summzarized in the right column.

As an application permitted to handle PHI, Qualtrics follows strict minimum security standards, however that does not relieve Stanford or its employees, partners, consultants, or vendors of further obligations that may be imposed by law, regulation or contract. 

Below are some practices you can implement to add more security to your surveys.

Data Classifications

Low Risk

The data is intended for public disclosure

Moderate Risk

The data is not generally available to the public

High Risk

Protection of the data is required by law/regulation

Quick How-Tos

Security enhancements for using Qualtrics with PHI

  1. Open the survey you wish to protect.
  2. Click Survey Flow.
  3. Click Add a New Element Here.
  4. Click Authenticator.
  5. From the Authentication Type list, click SSO.
  6. Uncheck both the Associate Respondent With Panel and Capture respondent identifying info boxes.
  7. From the SSO Type list, click Shibboleth.
    settings to add single sign-on to survey

  8. Click Move in the bottom right-hand corner of the newly added authenticator element and drag it so that it sits above everything else in the survey.
  9. Click Save Flow.