Color Block List

Create block lists with different color headings

Video Tutorial

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Drag the Color Block List component onto the page. Right click to edit the item and choose whether content will be featured by heading or by a date. Use colors options to differentiate items and group similar items together, or use a different color for each item to separate for better visibility.



Use the Color Block List component to display block lists of information or events through the creation of multiple list items with colored headings for rich display.

Other Color Block List Features

Display headings by text or date (date has a calendar selector)

Text and date display to the left of the content

Use a consistent colored background or vary the background color of the heading for emphasis

Dialog explained

Choose a Background Color

From the color picker you can choose a background color for the Heading. With many choices and more to come, select the color or colors to make your Color Block List stand out.

Example Output

Text Heading

Create a list item with a text heading and content.

Date Heading

Create a list item and order the item by date so page visitors can easily find the content.

Choose a Color Option

Choose a color option for the background of the heading or date. There are different colors to select so group items together, go randomly, or go with a pattern. The option is up to you!