AEM Site Launches

Scheduled dates for publishing new AEM sites

AEM site launches will now occur on a fixed schedule every other week. Launch dates for the beginning of 2024 are listed below.  The Web Services team reviews all new sites before launch to ensure the site is consistent with the format and quality expected of a Stanford School of Medicine website.  To provide sufficient time for us to schedule site reviews and provide necessary feedback, a minimum one week lead time is required for all site launch requests.  Please plan your launch requests accordingly, particularly if you have a larger site that will take longer to review.  As long as the site has been approved by the Web Services team prior to a scheduled launch date it will be included, otherwise the site will be included on the next launch date.

Reviewing the Pre-Launch Checklist prior to requesting a site release will help the review process go smoothly.  Once you have throughly reviewed your site and are ready to have it published just submit a request for TDS to review and publish the site.

Site Launch Dates 2024

1/17 (request review by 1/10)
1/31 (request review by 1/24)
2/14 (request review by 2/7)
2/28 (request review by 2/21)
3/13 (request review by 3/6)
3/27 (request review by 3/20) 
4/10 (request review by 4/3)
4/24 (request review by 4/17)
5/8 (request review by 5/1)
5/22 (request review by 5/15)
5/29 (request review by 5/22)
6/12 (request review by 6/5)
6/26 (request review by 6/19)



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