Header and footer for site pages

Use the Masthead (header) and footers to build your site brand and context. Unlike other components these do not need to be inserted onto pages and are available at the top and bottom of all page templates.


  • Automatic propagation from the homepage. Define values once and changes cascade down your site tree.
  • Customize header social media links, icons and taglines
  • Create unique footer structure with headers and links

Pro Tips

  • The default header & footer values are set from the site homepage, all child pages inherit these values
  • Populating a field overwrites the default inherited value(s) set from the homepage
  • The secondary header line should only be used to define a larger department or project. Use the tagline on the right for any slogans. See signatures.
  • The Superfooter can be useful to build custom link hierarchies, helpful for creating visual context for large sites

Visual Manual

Align input colors with output content

Note: Always configure the header and footer on your site homepage so it's inherited to all pages beneath. While possible to configure on any subpage and break inheritance, it's not recommended as it often causes disorientation. 

Header Input

Configure the output

Footer Input

Configure the output